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Tapestry Services


Tapestry will work with your family to identify who should be on your child and family team (also known as Wraparound team).  Members of the child and family team usually include people who are providing services to your family as well as persons who are supportive to your child and family. 

A typical team might include:


  • The child for whom services were requested

  • Parents and/or Caregivers

  • Legal Guardian if the child is in the custody of the county

  • Care Coordinator (also referred to as a Care Manager or Wraparound Facilitator)

  • A Parent Advocate (this is someone who has been through the process and is willing to support you and your family)

  • Youth Advocate (this is someone who makes sure the youth concerns are addressed)

  • Family, members of the faith community, friends and neighbors who you would like to participate in the process

  • Formal supports, those professionals like teachers, therapists, child protective service workers, probation officers, etc, who work with your child and family

What does a Parent Advocate do?


  • A Parent Advocate is someone who has been where you are, and has agreed to help support other families that need help through Tapestry.  Some of these things they can do are:

  • Share their experience as a parent or caregiver of a child who has gone through the Wraparound process

  • Help identify your family’s strengths and needs and share them with other team members

  • Support you in expressing yourself during team meetings

  • Work with you, the wraparound facilitator and other team members to identify community resources to assist you in meeting the needs of your family.

  • Work with you to complete action steps included in your wraparound plan

What does a Youth Advocate do?


  • A Youth Advocate provides support and assistance with system navigation to youth involved with Tapestry.  Some of these things that they can do are:

  • Participate on child and family teams with the youth

  • Attend transition meetings to share information about opportunities available to the youth in their community

  • Conduct home visits to complete tasks assigned by the team

  • Identify traditional and non-traditional services that can help meet the needs of youth according to the wraparound plan and team meetings

  • Facilitate monthly support groups for youth

  • Plan and implement activities for youth

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