The Harvard Community Services Center Storefront Renovation Staff continues to work with Small Business Owners during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) SHUT-IN.


Although the application approval process will be slower during the (SHUT-IN), applications are still being accepted, reviewed, and approved according to the City of Cleveland Storefront Renovation Guidelines.


The Harvard Community Services Center has submitted four applications to the City of Cleveland Storefront Renovation Department, and all four have been approved to move forward.


Two applicants, are in the pre-development stage; which means they have received feedback, and their color conceptual from the City of Cleveland Design Specialist Tim Barrett. The business owner can now use the color conceptual to obtain architectural drawings (if applicable); and begin the bidding process.


Please contact Ms. Perenthia Michelle Brown, Development Program Manager to schedule a phone conference.

In adherence to COVID-19 pandemic precautions and social distancing, Ms. Brown will be able to complete your application by phone.


Ms. Brown can be reached at (216) 991-8585,

ext. 3103.