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As the season of fall and winter approaches, we encourage you all to please prepare for the colder temperatures and of course snow.  With fall winter comes the holidays and a time for family.  Our organization has planned programs and activities to help those in need who may not be able to prepare for winter or the holidays.  Whether it be through our food pantry, many opportunities are available to provide and connect to available resources.


We ask all of our residents to GET INVOLVED.  This is YOUR community and the Harvard Community Services Center provides services to support the needs of YOUR community.  Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays.

2022 Board of Trustees
  • Rhonda Lockett, President

  • Leonard Young, Vice President

  • Ulysses Glen,  Secretary

  • Ralph Burton, Treasurer

  • Barbara Williams Bennett

  • Carman Hall

  • Rameana Foster

  • Larry LaPrade

Our Staff
  • Elaine Gohlstin - President & CEO

  • Michael Adesina - Executive Vice President

  • Leona Jackson - Accountant

  • Michelle Oliver - Executive Assistant/Childcare Administrator

  • Julia Hayes - Program Manager/Community Based Services for Families

  • Chalaine Williams - Lead Wrap Specialist/Community Based Services for Families

  • Sekou Nyei - Case Manager/Community Based Services for Families

  • Ronald White-Case Manager/Community Based Services for Families

  • Delores Wilkerson-Case Manager/Community Based Services for Families

  • Rachelle Jones-Evening Data/Reports Monitor/Community Based Services for Families

  • Earl Young - Resource Specialist/Community Based Services for Families

  • Phyllis Hailey - Program Manager/Senior Connections Program

  • Michael Allen - Transportation/Senior Connections Program

  • William Lewis - Senior Connections Program

  • James Stewart - Kitchen Aide/Senior Connections Program

  • Richard Goudreau - Director of Community Development/Community Development

  • Perenthia Michelle Brown-Small Business Development & Special Events Coordinator/Community Development

  • Kevin Rodgers-Neighborhood Services/Community Development

  • Cynthia Gooden-Healthy Homes Specialist/Community Development

  • Charles Fuller - Maintenance

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