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The Harvard Hands-On Program


*Participants will engage in Wrap Around Services programming to develop new problem solving skills and mobilize

their personal support networks to enrich family operations and remove barriers to workplace entry.  

*Participants will receive individualized GED Preparation Assessments and combined group level and customized training and education essential to the successful passage of the GED Examination.  

*Participants will be able to demonstrate and apply Hands On Job readiness and search skills.

*Participants will gain and apply financial literacy education to their own practices of personal and household management. 

*Participants will gain information Technologies skills across the fields of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Internet for ready application to the workplace.

*Participants will utilize the applied Hands On job search skills to obtain gainful employment. 

*Participants will utilize the Harvard Hands On Program’s Wrap Around, Workforce Readiness and Job Search, Information Technologies, Financial Literacy education to evidence improved self-sufficiency and family operations .

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