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Our premier student for the month of March is Ms. Alicia Wilson. Ms. Wilson is a resident of Ward 1. Once Ms. Wilson put her mind to it, within a two week period she registered for (two GED tests per week); and PASSED the four parts with high scores.


To pass the GED tests you must score  between 145-165.  A score below 145 is failing. A score between 165-175 is considered college ready .  College Ready means that the student has demonstrated the skills to start at college-level courses. Depending on the school program, the student may not have to take the placement test or any remedial (non-credit) course in college, which will save the student money when working on a college certificate or degree.    If an individual scores between 175-200 then they have scored at the College Ready + Credit.   College Ready + Credit means that the student has demonstrated some of the skills that are taught in college-level courses.  Depending on the school program students testing at this level may be eligible for up to 3 credits in Math, 3 credits in Science, 3 credits in Social Studies, and 1 credit in Humanities, which will definitely save students money and time when working towards a college certificate or degree.  


Ms. Wilson went beyond this level scoring a 320 in Language Arts!  She also did extremely well in the other GED requirements scoring 163 in Social Studies, 159 in Science, and 158 in Math. 


Her Story:

My name is Alicia Wilson and I am 23 years old. I came into this G.E.D program with a goal to achieve my G.E.D by March and I did it. I stayed focused and believed in my heart I can do it. Trust me it was a journey, with a lot of obstacles in my way.   I have 4 kids and custody of my 3 nieces. It's a lot of responsibilities having a big family like mine. I was out of class for 2 months due to daycare and being back and forth to the hospital. I missed a lot of days. I studied hard on my part at home, and left the rest up to God. My boyfriend help me and encouraged me with my studies and was right there with me on those late nights to 1 and 2 am. He told me 'you want it you have to sacrifice'. That being said I had a lot of sleepless nights. I get up every morning at 6:00 am to get my kids ready for school. So I was tired. Overall, I did it and I loved my experience at Harvard Hands On. I felt my teachers [Mrs. Eugene and Mr. Boyd] really cared about us getting our GED. They made sure we understood things before we moved on. They always tried to help and were very friendly and easy to talk to. I love this Center even the lady at the front desk was nice. The cook lady [Mrs. Hailey] was always encouraging and invited us for meals. She also told it like it is her and Ms. Michelle. This was a wonderful experience and I thank everyone for their support. "


Hats Off To Alicia!!!


We wish Alicia the best in all her endeavors, she certainly has the tools and right attitude to continue making positive changes in   her life and influence young adults to do the the same.


~Ms. P. Michelle Brown, Workforce Development & Sustainability Director

Harvard Community Services Center


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