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Commercial Properties Available in Ward 1

All of these properties are currently in State Forfeiture, owned by the State of Ohio, and held by the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation (CCLRC).  These properties are not recommended for "handyman fix up".  These are properties that will need the touch of an experienced commercial renovations contractor. Harvard Community Services Center (HCSC) is accepting sealed bids for these properties until close of business on 1/15/2021. 

If you are interested in viewing these properties or would like more information please contact Richard Goudreau at 21-991-8585 ext. 3125, or contact him here.

***HCSC has placed a starting minimum bid of $5,000 on each individual commercial parcel for sale.***

13601 Miles Avenue (Parcel Number: 138-12-029, 138-12-030).

This is a commercially zoned, buildable,  vacant corner lot 

Minimum bid $10,000

13518-13520 Miles Avenue

(Parcel Number: 138-18-116, 138-18-122).

This is a mixed-use commercially zoned building with three buildings on two parcels. 

Minimum bid $10,000

3819 Lee Road (Parcel Number: 140-09-012).

This is zoned commercial, 2 separate commercial units on one parcel.

Minimum bid $5,000

3942-3950 Lee Road (Parcel Number: 140-06-016, 140-06-018).

This is zoned commercial, two commercial fronts with a large former party center in the rear. Parcel (140-06-016) is parking lot in the rear.

Minimum bid $10,000

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